Reminiscence Café - Our Local Railways

Picture of harringay stadium overground now called harringay green lanes

22 June is Windrush Day, and Windrush has its own London Transport rail line to celebrate, recognising the contribution immigrants made to the country. It doesn’t go through Haringey, but we have our Weaver and Suffragette lines. Weaver, from Liverpool Street to Enfield/Cheshunt/Chingford, acknowledges the immigrant French silk weavers and the Jewish ‘rag trade’. It brought migrants from the East End to Tottenham and provided residents with the easiest route to the Essex seaside. The Suffragette line is that London transport rarity travelling east/west, giving us Barking and Essex one way, and places such as Camden and Hampstead Heath the other. Its name comes from a Barking suffragette who lived to over 100, but it could also refer to the number of suffragettes who lived in Haringey near that line, including the Spong sisters from Muswell Hill.

These lines have long given us opportunities to travel, even if not too far, and we surely have memories of places we have enjoyed.

Come to the Museum and share your memories over a cup of tea.

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