Reminiscence Café - Who Do We Think We Are?

family tree

Free, all welcome. Refreshments included.

Tracing the family tree or writing a family memoir has become increasingly popular, and for many of us there is a fascination in finding out more about who we are and where we come from. There is a wealth of variety for us Londoners, with forebears from across the British Isles and the World helping to shape our unique identities.

Even if we do not want to delve into the records to trace our family, or write a short memoir, there are still the many family stories that help us understand where we came from. The challenges of finding a house or job when coming to London, fitting into the neighbourhood, looking for a community to belong to, or finding friendship and partners. And there are the family stories. My uncle who went off to join the Circus, the silk weaver ancestors from France, memories of another place far away. Every family has interesting, funny or sad stories, so can you share some of them with us?

Come to the Museum and share your memories over a cup of tea.

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