Reminiscence at the Castle 

Join us for our monthly free reminiscence sessions – come along, enjoy a cup of tea and share your memories.  

Older people share stories at a Reminiscence cafe session

Parks and Open Spaces

  • Tuesday 16 July, 2-4pm
  • Free, all welcome. Refreshments included.
Fallow deer in Alexandra Park


Since the 19th century, Haringey’s fields and woods have been steadily covered in bricks and concrete. But through foresight and community action, some green spaces have survived. Tottenham Marshes to the east and Highgate Woods to the west edge a borough with parks, greens, allotments and commons poking holes in our urban jungle. Today, children play in the parks, walkers patrol the larger areas, with runners and cyclists weaving round them, football and tennis players find their places and for fitness there are the outdoor gyms.

These remnants of our fields and gardens are a cause for celebration, whether they are the preserved remains of former gardens, the last vestiges of common land or even the specially created areas from former slum housing. As children, we would have taken them for granted, but nevertheless they gave us such pleasure, whether we played there independently or visited with family for a picnic and day out in the sun. Have you got any memories or pictures of one of our green spaces?

Come to the Museum and share your memories over a cup of tea.

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